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As a Communications and Engagement Manager at NPR, I leverage my 20 years of experience in communications, public relations, and media to create and deliver compelling stories that inform, inspire, and connect with our audiences. I also foster relationships with internal and external stakeholders, and enhance the brand and reputation of NPR as a leader and innovator in public radio.

My passion for communications and engagement stems from my unconventional career path, which started as a radio personality at a Hip Hop and R&B station. There, I developed my writing and public speaking skills, interviewed celebrities, politicians, and business leaders, and supported community initiatives. Since then, I have worked for various organizations, including the City of Jackson, UnitedHealth Group, Continental, and Johnson & Johnson, and have supported key topics, initiatives, and people through my writing, organizing, and spokesperson skills. I have also established and led the communications department at a $1.4 billion start-up, and have contributed to employee empowerment and media coverage.

I held key positions as a top advisor to leaders at the City of Jackson, UnitedHealth Group, Continental AG, and National Public Radio, Inc., (NPR). In a contractor capacity, I worked with:  Continental AG (Germany and South Carolina), University Federal Credit Union (Texas), and Johnson and Johnson (New Jersey), and African Heritage, Inc. (Wisconsin) among others.  

In my spare time, I work as a part-time radio personality ( and freelance writer. I have written for L.A. Focus, theJasmineBRAND, HERS Magazine, and Upscale Magazine as a freelancer.

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